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This tool will migrate a movable type blog to a sharepoint blog.
Support is included for transforming post data (media links) to a new location (i.e. sharepoint list)

note that this is a tool written specifically for the purpose, it's not pretty and could do a lot more, however, it's done the job and the task is now complete. As far as my support goes, it's unlikely it'll see many updates now as I have no need to further it myself. It could automatically create the categories by pulling the out of the export then creating them on the fly, it could also clear down the lists before it posted to them, or even post the images to lists. All of this is possible via the lists web service which i've used to post the content. You'll need to mess around with some CAML but adjusting the code should be very easy after a bit of googling.


The process goes something like this:

1. Create an export of the blog content from the Movable Type Admin interface
2. Extract all supporting image data from the MT server, retaining folder structure
3. Create sharepoint blog site
4. Create lists within sharepoint blog site to contain image data
5. Insert image data into lists
6. Run tool, point it at the sharepoint blog lists web service, give it the MT export file & tell it about the transformations you wish to make to the referenced image/media data
7. Watch in amazement as the tool uploads the data to the sharepoint blog, reconnecting it to the newly positioned media.

what it doesn't do:

1. It doesn't automatically move images/supporting media, this has to be done manually to either a sharepoint list/other web platform
2. It doesn't migrate category lists from source blog to target, this must be done manually. (although it could, easily)
3. It doesn't know if it's doing the wrong thing (in relation to the transformations actually being correct), so it's best to try a few tests with a cut down export first
4. It doesn't do anything in relation to themes or anything "front end", this is purely a data migration tool.

...Alternatively it might not even run! :)

This was written during the migration process to quickly do what we had been told was impossible by the MT support guys.
The code is messy but works, its also a good starting point should you want to further the features. (e.g. I have another version which is able to split the image references into alphabetic hives, which match some image lists i've created in Sharepoint)

I decided to release this as I could find NOTHING on the intertubes which could help me in my quest to migrate to rather large blogs for a client. If this helps you do the same, happy days. For reference, I also used the CKS:EBE blog extensions and migrated the source blog themes as part of this process, the end result was almost a perfect replication of the source blogs.

here is a screenshot of the original source MT blog:

here is a screenshot of the migrated blog, on sharepoint:

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